ATC version 1.1 is here!

Check out what's new in ATCI am happy to announce that the update is ready for download from the app store. Version 1.1 includes these exciting new features:

  • Wind simulation. Available runways adjust to the current wind condition, which you can set in free play mode. Random wind setting keeps the wind changing.
  • Three new levels added to the Denver sector for wind game play.
  • Plane Highlighting – Planes will glow green to indicate cleared for landing, yellow for cleared for departures, and blue for new airplanes and go-arounds (Requested by player).
  • Simulate emergency and wind shift in free play mode.
Plane highlighting

Landing planes are highlighted green. New planes are blue. Departing planes will highlight yellow and the selected plane is white.

  • End of Shift button – In Free Play Mode select ‘End of Shift’ from the Current Game Setting menu to stop all new arrivals and departures and allow you to end the game when all planes are cleared. It will also display your statistics from that game. (Requested by player)
  • A few new sound effects.
  • User adjustable plane icon size –¬†Allows user to scale the size of the displayed plane image on the radar screen. (Requested by player)
  • Tested with iOS 4.2.
  • User adjustable plane icon size in settings menu. (Requested by player)

Fixed and adjusted:

  • Help text is slightly bigger. (Requested by player)
  • Spawn times now snap to nearest :05 sec (Requested by player) – Makes it easier to select the same departure and approach spawn times.
  • Plane will indicate if it cannot intercept approach path from its current position.
  • Fixed a few minor timer problems.
  • Fixed a problem with Level 2 where the tutorial got stuck and nothing happened. (Reported by player)

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