ATC – Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic ControlCan you handle the stress?

ATC is a fast-paced air traffic control simulation game specifically designed from the ground up for the iPad. You must take command of the skies and guide arriving planes to a safe landing at their destination. Tap the plane to select it and then change the heading, altitude, and speed. Line the plane up with an active runway at its destination and clear it to land. Departing planes will request takeoff clearance. Don’t leave them waiting too long before guiding them to their destination!

ATC Radar Display

Clearing a plane to land

Play ATC – Air Traffic Control, and you’ll…

– Control airplanes landing and departing
– Handle four airports with multiple runways
– Designate departure runways at each airport
– Climb and descend airplanes, you control their altitude
– Avoid collisions and terrain
– Control many different types of planes from 777s to single engine planes
– Speed up the simulation from 1x to 5x real-time speed and earn extra points


– Realistic speed and altitude simulation
– Pinch – zoom control of the radar display
– Automatic save and load
– Quick start — Puts you right back in the hot seat where you left off
– Career mode — Learn to play, then try to beat your best time and score
– Free play mode for unlimited fun — You control the rate of new arrivals and departures
– Music playlist control from inside the game

Avoid Collisions

Two planes are too close

Game Play Tips: Stay alert and look ahead for planes that are getting too close to each other. Keep planes 1000 feet apart in altitude and 3 miles apart horizontally. Have fun with this fast, fun, and challenging game!

Control Runways at Airports

Airport Runway Control

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ATC – Air Traffic ControlĀ is available on iTunes.

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