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ATC – Air Traffic Control

Take command of the skies and guide arriving planes to a safe landing at their destination.

Simple Controls

Tap the plane to select it and then change the heading, altitude, and speed. Line the plane up with an active runway at its destination and clear it to land.

Loss Of Separation

Stay alert and look ahead for planes that are getting too close to each other. Keep planes 1000 feet apart in altitude and 3 miles apart horizontally.

KLAX Departing Runways

Departing planes will request takeoff clearance. Control which runways to depart airplanes from. Don’t leave them waiting too long before guiding them to their destination!


Command landing planes to descend before clearing them for approach and landing. But be careful and watch out for terrain.

Parallel Approaches

Direct planes in for simultaneous approaches on parallel runways.

There are many ways to play the game for addictive fun:

  • Complete levels in career mode and challenge your best time and score.
  • In free-play mode you can play endlessly. You have control over wind change, rate of new aircraft arrival, and you can simulate a plane low on fuel, and airport closures.
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Check out what's new in ATCATC is a fast-past simulation meant to challenge your mind. The new version of ATC is available on the App Store.

Version 1.3 adds some exciting features:
– A new Los Angeles sector with 5 airports
– Five new and challenging levels
– New airport closure simulation event
– Improved texture quality
– Select which sector and airports you want to play in free play mode